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So you plan on buying a car to deliver parcels to your customers’ doorsteps. While we wish you all the best with that one, it’s not really a project that gets UP21 excited. But hey, you tell us you’re working on an online platform that'll connect carriers with customers! Now that is a project we’re interested in. If you think you’re the right fit, sign up here.

What projects are we looking for?

We typically invest in projects that:

  • are younger than 2 years, in the prototyping phase or offer a product that has found its first customers
  • have the potential and the ambition to expand globally
  • are rooted in a unique idea or will make a dynamic, game-changing improvement to an existing solution on the market
  • are looking for a seed investment
  • target a B2B clientele

What can we offer you?

We offer the following benefits for startups we invest in and incubate:

  • seed investments above all, truly extraordinary projects will always attract our support, we offer you further growth potential and co-investment opportunities with other investors
  • pro-active help with preparations for subsequent rounds of investments and raising venture capital
  • education for founders and their teams, plus professional growth with the help of our co-pilots
  • team support (marketing, IT development, accounting, lawyers, etc.)
  • dedicated space at UP21's office in Forum Karlín.

More questions? E-mail us at or call +420 608 600 756.

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